OneLine Engineering Services

OneLine Engineering focuses on the specialized field of substation design and as such our focus as Power Engineers is the safety and reliability of substations.

Each and every project we have worked on through the last ten years contains a strong focus on grounding systems, their design, installation, testing and conformity to safety standards.

We have invested in Safe Engineering Services and Technologies Ltd. Software and further invested in training our staff so they are considered to be experts in this field.

We have experience in designing new substation grounding systems, extending existing systems, evaluating existing sites grounding reports, taking soil resistivity tests on site, reviewing soil resistivity tests compiled by third parties, compiling GPR reports and providing construction level detailed drawings and specifications. We also evaluate commissioning results, installation compliance with construction documents and plan review applications with the Electrical Safety Authority.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing quality engineering services to our customer base. Our goal is to meet and through continual quality improvement, exceed customer expectations. For further details click on the links below.